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  Leo Feline Foundation

Leo Feline Foundation is a cat only educational rescue and sanctuary. LFF’s primary focus is on pregnant abandoned and feral mommas, mommas with kittens and/or orphaned kittens. LFF is also heavily involved in species appropriate nutrition and allergy relief for cats and humans. LFF focuses mainly on feral and free roaming cats, especially kittens. We trap pregnant and nursing mom cats in order to give them and their babies a chance at a better life. Kittens are the most vulnerable to disease and exposure and also the most likely to be rehabilitated. It has been our experience that there are far too many “unadoptable” cats who are amazing creatures. Whether it be for age, medical, personality, or color, none of these things should stop cats from having a wonderful life … but they do.

The goal of LFF is to put these unadoptable cats to work. First and foremost doing nutritional research (what killed Leo) and allergy control. A cat on a species appropriate diet does not give off the toxins that commercially fed cats do thereby allowing people who in the past have been allergic to cats to no longer suffer that affliction. Thus a huge new population will be able to enjoy the benefits of a cat companion.

Please consider us in your charitable givings – every little bit helps. LFF relies entirely on donations to pay for medical bills, food, toys, and everything else the cats need. Your donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!

There is no such thing as an unadoptable cat or an unrepairable human. Leo was three years old when he was killed by poisoned commercial cat food even after three months of twice weekly hemodialysis for his failing kidneys. No one should be killed by the food they eat.